Guidance for education

Hi parents and carers,


In light of the Prime Minister’s latest statement, we would like to clarify that we will remain open until the government advises that all schools must close (if this happens, we will let you know via email).

We understand that some of our students may be going into self isolation, if this is the case please let us know and we will email you

the work that they were due to do in Woolton Tuition.

In the event that schools are ordered to close, don't worry we plan on minimising the disruption that this would cause to your child's education and learning journey. We not only plan to send out the work that your child will was due to complete in Woolton Tuition, we will also send out extra work to keep them occupied on a daily basis (weekdays). This work will be tailored to each individual child’s learning needs and will reinforce everything that they have been learning in Woolton Tuition, so they should be able to complete the work independently. All work will be sent out with answer sheets, however, if there is anything that your child has particularly struggled with please bring it in with them when they return, for us to go over it with them. For our students due to complete exams soon, we will send out relevant past papers for practice, as well as revision materials. 

Specific details on the above will be sent out if the government place us in a lockdown.

We understand that this is a very strange and worrisome time for us all, please be assured that we will continue to be here to support your child’s education as well as their wellbeing.